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Dr. Gamble

Reverend Dr. Yolanda Marie Gamble
President & Founder
S.U.R.E. Ministries, Inc.
Reverend Dr. Yolanda Marie Gamble is a descendant of a great history of Evangelism, known for her teaching, inspirational speaking, and healing, singing, and prophetic anointing. Yolanda has been blessed to use her diverse skills to serve both the community and church in various ministries across the country.  She founded SURE Ministries, Inc. (formerly The Dorcas Ministries, Inc.) in 1987, the Mother Ministry to all services, ministries and fellowships encompassed by SURE Ministries; an organization that plants new churches, develops various educational training programs, retreats, conferences, support services in an effort to support local and surrounding communities, and networking opportunities both nationally and international. In 2001, she founded The SURE Connection Educational Program (Servants, Useful, Reliable, Enlightened), which serves the community as a Community Interest Educational Program, focusing on personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, economic education, and community development.  Dr. Gamble is a prominent Financial Advisor, known for her workshop Simple Ways to Manage Your Money – Your Pathway to Financial Success.
In 2003, she began serving as Pastor of the SURE Fellowship Church in Frederick, Maryland; On August 30, 2006, Dr. Gamble founded and established Dorcas House No. 1 an affordable housing home for women and children in transition and in 2007 established Dorcas House No. 2 for men, to meet the needs of our community by supporting the Affordable Housing Initiative of various Counties in the State of Maryland in an effort to assist these individuals in becoming self-sufficient.
Dr. Gamble founded the SURE Network of Kingdom Branches a Prolific Apostolic organization in 2008. Its goal is to supply partnership to Ministries of the Christian faith and to expand SURE Ministries in the USA and worldwide; it supplies a community of like-minded Ministers with a place of direct interaction through networking with those ministries for the sake of vision support, accountability, up-building, growth and education.  For those ministries seeking direction, S.U.R.E. provides a covering for inductees; the creative element of a presbytery for the sake of instruction and counsel. 
She expanded the boarders of her ministry prophetically in August 2009 with a Kingdom Branch in Montgomery County Maryland; and continues to explore other locations around the USA.
Also in 2008 she founded the Kingdom Ethics Institute; acquiring a non-accredited college level Seminary. The Institute houses a Ministerial Ethics Training Curriculum which prepares Pastors, Evangelist, Prophets, Apostles, Teachers, Ministers, Deacons, and Missionaries; empowering them for leadership in the Kingdom of God through ordination, licensing and proper credentials; Dr. Gamble is Author of the curriculum.
2009 began an itinerary gathering which she calls Today’s Woman Inspirational Gathering (TWIG) an inspired movement among women which deals with real issues, offers real solutions, and assures lasting change. Dr. Gamble’s vision for the 21st Century is just as expansive as she launched in 2010 her television broadcast “Today on Self-Improvement” encouraging self-improvement thru the power of the Gospel; covering the Washington, DC/Maryland metro area.  In December of 2012, Dr. Gamble launched her first Radio Broadcast in the Bahamas, Self-Improvement with Dr. Yolanda Gamble on GEMS 105.9 FM founded by the renown Dr. Deborah Bartlett.
Yolanda’s ministry efforts have impacted so many lives all over the USA and throughout the world that she could not be overlooked as a person of outstanding leadership.  Dr. Gamble has ministered before thousands, hundreds and one on one. She has crossed denominational lines.  Because of the calling on her life and her obedience to the calling, thousands of lives have been transformed.